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Proper utilization of available competent workforce is vital. Bring and combine the skills, competences, trainings, knowledge, experience, expertise required by positions at your firm in one application that ensures your company to operate, develop and grow smoother.


Competency management software can help organisations to manage and develop the skills (trainings, certifications), knowledge and behaviours that each employee needs to be successful in their job. The earliest versions of this type of software were developed for specific needs by government organisations such as NASA and the US Coast Guard. Today, this type of software is available to all businesses and is particularly useful for companies in manufacturing, construction, finance, healthcare and many other fields.

The best competency management software is not only designed to track employee competencies, but is also designed to be modified as the company grows and these requirements evolve.

Competency management can benefit employees by providing them with more opportunities to develop their skills and support their professional development. These benefits also help the growth and success of the whole company. According to the Association for Talent Development (ATD), companies that invest in advanced training tools, such as competency management software, have 218 % higher earnings per employee than those that do not.

Upskill your workforce

Expanding the skillsets of your workforce would increase your team’s effectiveness that could lead to significant competitive advantage.

Hierarchy Management

Map your organization, list all the present and future job positions and build your employee base


See all trainings, certificates and skills your workforce has on organisation, position and employee level

Qualification Management

Assess the current knowledge of your workforce, collect all available or required certificates and skills


Visualisation of the data to support your decisions. (Additional fee would apply)

Assignments Management

Make the proper connections of trainings, certificates and skills to job positions and employees


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